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What is mastering and is it important?

Protools 10HD

SSL G-Series Compressor

Universal Audio's "Precision Multiband"

Universal Audio's Precision Buss Compressor

Universal Audio's "Precision Maximizer"

Universal Audio's "Precision Enhancer"

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process. The proper amount of equalization, compression, and limiting, can take a good recording and make it outstanding! It is also very important that all of the songs on the CD, flow from one to another without any major volume or equalization differences. It should give an overall improvement that not only sounds good, but will be radio worthy holding up to the best of recordings available. Mastering is not something that can save a poorly recorded demo. If you have a demo or finished product that has serious problems, it is best to apply the money to starting the recording over, and chalk it up to pre-production and experience. River City Recording has a variety of great mastering gear and software to take your recording "over the top". The cost for mastering is the same hourly rate, $65.00 per hour including a very experienced engineer.

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Neve 33609 Compressor

Universal Audio's Precision EQ

Universal Audio's Fairchild 670

Chandler Limited TG1 Compressor Abbey Road Edition

Pultec Pro EQ's

Universal Audio's Precision Limiter

A quality mastering job should be a part of your recording regardless of the style of music.